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Dunzo: Sean Avery’s Celebrity Styling Company

Lauryn Flynn and Sean Avery.Photo: Getty Images

We knew when Sean Avery signed with the Dallas Stars that his days as a famous fashionisto were numbered. Aside from the fact that his favorite designer Alexander McQueen is to Dallas as Anna Wintour is to J.C. Penney, the move is thwarting his plans to start a celebrity fashion-styling company with Calvin Klein’s former head of VIP Services, Lauryn Flynn. Avery will move to Dallas after the New York shows next month (thank God he’s sticking around for that — we wouldn’t want to miss him and Anna Wintour braiding each other’s hair in the front row). Also, Flynn just accepted the same position she held at Calvin at Burberry, which means she has to move to London in November.

This is all quite tragic, because it sounds like the two were serious about getting their celeb-styling factory off the ground. reports Avery and Flynn had registered the company name AveryFlynn and scoured the West Village for office space with plans to get a Website up by Fashion Week. Where will New York’s famous people be without the styling expertise of these two at the ready? Who will show men in this city that wearing shorts with dress shoes and no socks is a stylishly shrewd choice? What will Paris Hilton do when she lands in New York needing clothes and no one wants to help her? Go around nude?! See, this is what happens when people choose sports over fashion — everything starts falling apart!

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Dunzo: Sean Avery’s Celebrity Styling Company