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Elizabeth Arden to Make Rocawear’s First Fragrance

Duffy for Nivea.Photo: Courtesy of Nivea


• Jay-Z’s Rocawear brand joined forces with Elizabeth Arden to announce the launch of 9IX Rocawear, the brand’s first fragrance. Does this mean Elizabeth Arden’s getting street? LOVE. [WWD]

• Justin Timberlake says he decided to do the Givenchy campaign because the scent was “so fresh” he decided to wear it after not wearing cologne for the past ten years. Spokesmanship at its finest, folks. [Haute Concept]

• Nivea’s new spokesmodel made her debut for the brand in Fashion Rocks. It’s Duffy! Her eyelashes look amazing. Nivea’s for skin, right? Oh, whatever. [Off the Rack/People]

• Mariah talked about her “walnut-sized” tattoo of Nick Cannon’s name on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Nick has her name sprawled across his back. But who cares about size? Nothing says love like a tramp stamp. [Jezebel]

• Here are three hairdos for short cuts that incorporate braids. They look good, too. [Chictopia]

• The Illamasqua line launches in October and bills itself as a nighttime makeup brand. “That’s when you let your inhibitions go a bit and become what you want to be. It’s about empowering women to self-express through makeup,” said the spokeswoman. She has a point — women would be so weak without cosmetic enhancement. [WWD]

• This blogger is upset that Dell is marketing a laptop to girls with the apparent assumptions they only like things that are bubblegum pink and help them do things like apply beauty products. [Feministing]

Elizabeth Arden to Make Rocawear’s First Fragrance