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Eva Mendes’s Unedited, Racy Commercial for Calvin Klein Hits Web

OMG nudity! Cover your eyes!Photo: Courtesy of Calvin Klein

We learned a few months ago that U.S. TV networks refused to air Calvin Klein and Coty’s commercial for their new fragrance Secret Obsession; Calvin Klein recut the spot — starring a naked Eva Mendes — so that it could air on TV after 9 p.m. for the holiday season. Nevertheless, the company is determined not to let the original version go to waste. So, in a brilliant marketing move, they’ve put the unedited version, complete with the actress rolling around naked in the sheets and flashing her nipple, online. Happy Monday!

The ad’s creative director, Fabien Baron, doesn’t understand why TV execs have beef with it, but lays blame for the ban, naturally, on George W. Bush. “You must be kidding me. This country really needs a new President — this country is so messed up,” Baron told WWD, adding that if kids can watch people get killed, a little naked Mendes certainly won’t hurt. OR WILL IT?! Decide for yourself; we’ve got the (kinda NSFW) ad after the jump.

Are people overreacting here? We’re not sure. Obviously, if one morally suspect child sees three-quarters of Mendes’s breast for one second she’ll wind up pregnant, riddled with STDs, and probably on crack. Who can forget the X-rated chaos that ensued on playgrounds around the nation after we saw Janet Jackson’s boob on TV?

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Eva Mendes’s Unedited, Racy Commercial for Calvin Klein Hits Web