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Fashion Week Just Got a Little Less Posh

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Speaking of celeb lines, are Posh’s designing days dunzo? Despite rumors that the former Spice Girl was going to make her Bryant Park debut at the tents this September, Fashion Week Daily reports that it’s just not to be. Which is a shame because Victoria’s fashion cred could use a kick in the rhinestone-studded behind right now. We all know her dVb line has had a rocky time of late: Kitson won’t be launching the menswear line, and reportedly has “nearly 600 pairs” of jeans left over from their original order from April 2007, according to TMZ. A runway show next month would have been the perfect chance for Vicky to tell naysayers to shut it. But, um, at least she married rich?

But good news for us! Christian Siriano’s show, scheduled for September 11, is still on. Hey, they’re both pretty darn fierce, right? They sometimes have the same hairdo. Maybe if you squint really hard … no? Oh well, there’s always February. —Noelle Hancock

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Fashion Week Just Got a Little Less Posh