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In Disturbing Analogy, Cavalli Compares Models to ‘Pieces of Wood’

Respect the Moss.Photo: Getty Images

Roberto Cavalli is taking a swing at some of the world’s top models — and one should never hit at models, they break easily, you know. In a controversial interview with Observer Food Monthly (you’ll never read that sentence again), the 68-year-old designer criticizes Kate Moss, saying he doesn’t think she “has what it takes to be a true star.” The fashion legend says he prefers to work with “artists” such as Diddy instead of professional catwalkers. “For me, models are just pieces of wood that I carve to make clothes look beautiful,” he says. “There are thousands of models like all other models. Naomi Campbell is the same way.”

Oh, Roberto. So often he delights us, but. But. Let’s set aside the fact that Kate Moss is already a star. Forbes named her second on its list of the world’s fifteen top-earning supermodels, and her clothing line has pulled in approximately $40 million since launching in 2007. And let’s ignore the fact that Naomi Campbell is as original as they come, having stomped over racial barriers as the first black model to appear on the covers of Time and both British and French Vogue, all while possessing a startlingly accurate pitching arm. Let’s forget these details. When it comes down to it, there’s one real issue here: How dare he criticize our models?! We love our models!

We’re also kind of perplexed by the wood metaphor. You carved the clothes, Homeboy, not the people. Moreover, the carving-people thing is kind of freaking us out. Let’s not speak of it again. —Noelle Hancock

Roberto Cavalli: Kate Moss Isn’t a Real Star [Now Magazine]

In Disturbing Analogy, Cavalli Compares Models to ‘Pieces of Wood’