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Inappropriate ‘High School Musical’ Panties Upset Parents

Photo: Courtesy of Disney

It’s not surprising that High School Musical promotes itself by making clothes, but it is surprising that the words “Dive In” appear on the front of a new style of underpants for 7-year-old girls. Naturally, parents are upset because they find the underwear sexually suggestive. (The phrase refers to a scene in the movie where kids dive into a pool.) The undergarments are sneakily packaged, too: The words “Dive In” aren’t visible until the underwear is out of its packaging, which we imagine only furthers the anger/irritation factor for parents.

A spokesperson for Asda, the company that makes the underwear, said Disney approved the style, adding, “It was completely innocent and certainly not meant to cause any offense to customers, however we will now consider our next steps in relation to the small number of items remaining on sale.”

So we just have one question: How come Disney makes one distasteful kids’ garment and the world freaks out, but when Kimora Lee Simmons and Beyoncé make lots of distasteful kids’ garments no one thinks twice about it? Just because it’s less than surprising doesn’t mean we should brush it under the rug.

Fury over Asda’s ‘sexually suggestive’ Disney underwear for young girls

Inappropriate ‘High School Musical’ Panties Upset Parents