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Injecting Butt Fat Into Boobs Is All the Rage

Yes, your lady lumps can travel.Photo: istockphoto


• Injecting the fat from your butt into your boobs is the latest plastic-surgery craze to hit the U.S. [WSJ via Jezebel]

• Beiersdorf, the German brand that makes the Nivea brand, dismissed a Rutgers University study that claimed moisturizing creams can increase the risk of cancer calling it “clinically irrelevant.” Well, of course, they did. They’re in the moisturizer-making business! [Cosmetic News]

• U.S. women spend $7 billion on makeup a year, which comes out to roughly $100 per woman per month. That’s a slightly scary number, but what’s scarier is passing the obsession down to the under-10 generation. We hear Hannah Montana lip gloss is already all the rage. [Reuters via Jezebel]

• If you can’t help but spend that much on makeup (we all have our vices), might as well put $10 toward this Sonia Kashuk blending sponge. Only the beauty industry could concoct a $10 sponge. [Hooked on Beauty]

Allure made a list of best unisex scents, which are nice because you have to buy only one bottle for you and your man. We can’t say Om by Gap would top our list of favorite unisex scents, but we’ll definitely second their love for 2 by Comme des Garçons. [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

Injecting Butt Fat Into Boobs Is All the Rage