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Are Erin Wasson’s Jewelry Designs Actually Her Own?

A Bliss Lau design (left) and Erin Wasson’s Low Luv collection in Nylon.Photo:, Nylon

Earlier this year, model and muse to Alexander Wang Erin Wasson launched her own jewelry line called Low Luv. The pieces consist of chains that wrap around the body and cost upwards of $1,000. Wang thought they were so cool, he even used them in his fall ‘08 runway show in February, right before Wasson’s line launched. However jewelry designer Bliss Lau, who has been making similar body chains since 2007, claims Wasson’s line is a ripoff of her Bliss line. According to Fashionista, Lau alledges that the pieces worn at Wang’s show were Bliss pieces that Wasson merely recast. Scandal!

But the alleged awfulness gets worse: Lau claims that Wasson actually wore an original Bliss piece in the Nylon magazine article about her Low Luv line. And — if Lau’s allegations are true — is that the body chains weren’t just some of Wang’s best accessories, but some of his best inspiration for his fall collection. He says in a Nylon video shot just before February Fashion Week, “A lot of this collection was inspired by holes and chains, mainly because I’m working with Erin, who’s designing her own jewelry line starting with this season, and it’s going to be introduced in the show. And kind of the idea of it was a lot of body chains and things that wrapped around the body.” In other words, the exact concept of Lau’s jewelry collection.

We’ve contacted Wasson’s reps and are awaiting comment; in the meantime we’ll be cringing.

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Are Erin Wasson’s Jewelry Designs Actually Her Own?