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Jennifer Aniston Shuns Plastic Surgery; I Am Queen Imminent

Jennifer Aniston and her less deviated septum.Photo: Getty Images


• Jennifer Aniston said she would never get plastic surgery. That one nose job she had to fix her deviated septum to help her breathe easily while sleeping was enough. [ONTD]

• P. Diddy’s busy promoting his I Am King fragrance, but an I Am Queen fragrance is also in the works. The man knows what women want. [Moment/NYT]

• Fabien Baron, the man behind the Interview redesign, will design the packaging for Zac Posen’s new fragrance. [Fashion Week Daily]

• Benetton is releasing Essence of United Colors of Benetton Woman and Man, a pair of scents described as fruity and floral. [Cosmetic News]

• This shows a somewhat unpleasant-looking picture of a girl with lipstick on her teeth. The blogger wants you to answer the poll: Would you tell someone if she had lipstick on her teeth even though it’s so embarrassing to point out? With issues like these, who needs the political conventions? [BellaSugar]

• Accessories designer Solomon Chase partnered with visual artist David Toro to create FACE, a line of facial products. And by products, we mean little stick-on glow-in-the-dark triangles and furry bindis. [Dazed Digital]

Jennifer Aniston Shuns Plastic Surgery; I Am Queen Imminent