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Jessica Szohr Gets Fierce at the Barneys Warehouse Sale

Jessica Szohr takes the fierce cake. So watch
your back, Siriano!Photo: Getty Images

Last night when we ran into Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr at the opening party for the new 7 For All Mankind store in Soho, we started talking shops, natch. Like all of us, she has a weakness for Barneys. “It’s dangerous for me to go there, especially when there’s a sale, because I end up spending too much money,” she says. Preach. Szohr said she’d probably stop by the Barneys warehouse sale, which started yesterday, where the shopping environment is known to border on violent. But she’s no lightweight — she goes with her game face on, and even admitted to fighting over merchandise in the past. “I’m like, wait! That’s mine! Oh my god! And I’m throwing shirt over shirt,” she said, laughing. “I’ve been that girl where people are like, ‘Get her out of here.’” Wow. We suddenly felt overwhelmed by feelings of awe and respect for her.

But Szohr’s training for a gold medal in shopping won’t detract from her Olympics tube time; she’s TiVoing the competition to ogle Michael Phelps at her leisure. “I’m not going to lie, he’s kind of cute,” she told us. Might we see any Olympics influence on the upcoming season of Gossip Girl? “Probably,” she said. “Chuck Bass will be in Speedos very soon!” —Bennett Marcus

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Jessica Szohr Gets Fierce at the Barneys Warehouse Sale