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Jil Sander to Launch Beachwear; Tom Ford Fund-raises for Obama

Rockin’ the pantsuit like she means it.Photo: Getty Images

Jil Sander will launch innerwear in 2009 and beachwear in 2010. Joy! [WWD]

• Tom Ford is co-hosting a fund-raiser for Barack Obama in L.A. at which Michelle Obama will rub elbows with fashion- and entertainment-industry types. [WWD]

Charles Nolan on Hillary Clinton: “She doesn’t care about the significance so many attach to her fashion style. Ultimately, in a pure society, we wouldn’t care either. It shouldn’t matter. She wants to tell the right story. Oscar de la Renta has done good by her and she was smart enough to understand that while she was in the White House, it was really important.” [WWD]

• A big gold statue of Kate Moss — the largest in the world since those made in ancient Egypt — is on display in the British Museum. Moss is posed in a provocative yoga position, cigarette not included. [British Vogue]

• Sheryl Crow is adding boots, belts, and bags to her fashion line, Bootheel Trading Co., as well as a children’s line for next fall. Yes! Now we can complete our Sheryl Crow look, down to the shoes! [WWD]

• Nike was one of the most searched brands on the Internet in July. [WWD]

• Blue and Cream boutique owner Jeff Goldstein loves mother-daughter shopping teams: “It’s a mother and a daughter who are looking for something to spend time together on and it’s like, ‘Let’s go do a shop.’ It’s very nurturing because the mother wants the daughter to look good so that she can find a husband or look good at work.” Yes, it’s all about spearing a man. [NYO]

• Anna Wintour reportedly insisted that a 22-year-old Vogue assistant cut her Rapunzel-like hair. [Gawker]

• Mike Albo hearts Steven Alan but writes of shopping there: “A shiny Moncler quilted down jacket ($750) was frighteningly clubby and would make me look like a mean-faced cokehead from Milan if I wore it out of the store. The trendy Repetto dance shoe, here for $220, and a Generic Man sneaker in a pistachio-color punched leather for $159 would be all the footwear you need for a busy schedule juggling work as a cast member of ‘A Chorus Line’ and part-time clown.” [NYT]

Giorgio Armani is helping design a series of villas in Egypt, which will include a beach resort, marina, golf course, and hotels. [British Vogue]

Naomi Campbell’s billionaire Russian boyfriend bought her an $18.5 million dollar penthouse apartment in Jardins, the “Upper East Side” of São Paolo, Brazil. Jewelry is so passé. [NYP]

Jil Sander to Launch Beachwear; Tom Ford Fund-raises for Obama