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Justin Timberlake Cuts His Own Locks; Ox Marrow Is Good for Hair

Down-to-Earth is his middle name.Photo: Getty Images


• Right after we find out Justin Timberlake shunned cologne for a decade comes news that the star forgoes hairstylists as well. That’s right — he cuts his own hair. “I don’t like divas and I don’t want to be one. People have a perception that I might be that way.” [Sun UK]

• There’s a new Brazilian shampoo called Tutannol that contains ox-marrow extract, which is supposedly the key to healthier hair. But if it doesn’t clear Customs and make it to the states, that’s really alright with us. [Beauty Brains]

Prada is launching nine short films to promote Infusion d’Homme, their latest men’s fragrance. Pietro Scalia of Black Hawk Down and American Gangster fame will edit all nine into one film to be released in September. [Variety]

• Are you warm or cool? Figuring that out will help you determine your most flattering makeup shades. If you don’t know already, here are some ways to tell you if you’re hot or not. [BellaSugar]

• Buying Gillette must’ve been a good move for Procter & Gamble Co. Its sales are up 10.3 percent. [WWD]

• Pre-treating skin with LEDs can protect against ultraviolet-light damage, claims a recent study published in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine. [Derm Blog]

Justin Timberlake Cuts His Own Locks; Ox Marrow Is Good for Hair