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Kate Hudson’s Hair-Care Line Hits One Big Snag: A Lawsuit

They’re not smiling anymore.Photo: WireImage

Kate Hudson is getting sued! How’s that for a celebrity sucker punch? In hopes of using her celeb status for good, Hudson partnered with hairstylist David Babaii in March to create an ecofriendly hair-care line with all proceeds going to the WildAid Foundation. She even frolicked with some African lions for the promotional photos. But a few scientists just rained on her parade.

Scientists from 220 Laboratories filed a complaint in Los Angeles against the duo and the manufacturer, claiming that Kate and David stole a secret ecofriendly “Vanuatu Complex” formula from 220 Laboratories and then took it to a competing laboratory for cheaper manufacturing. And when the products popped up, they looked a little too similar to the 220 Laboratories original pitch.

The exact charges include seventeen causes of action, such as fraud, misappropriation of trade secrets, breach of contract, breach of confidence, and more. So far Hudson denies the charges and even knowing the scientists making these claims. She’s shocked! Well, of course she is. Her Golden Girl reputation is on the line. Because unless this debacle settles out of court, it’s one big tangled mess for her image. And that’s never a cute style.

Kate Hudson’s Hairy Situation [E!]

Kate Hudson’s Hair-Care Line Hits One Big Snag: A Lawsuit