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Kate Moss Dropped From ‘Grazia’ Best-Dressed List

Agyness Deyn, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Sarah Jessica ParkerPhoto: Getty Images

Is Great Britain officially over Kate Moss? Because she’s not on Grazia’s new best-dressed list, which we find rather surprising. We understand it’s boring to keep Moss in the No. 1 spot year after year, but even Tatler gave Moss the No. 2 slot when Agyness Deyn usurped her No. 1 position on its best-dressed list. Perhaps Grazia editors feared including her at all would be the equivalent of some sort of Moss overdose that would leave them all paralyzed and sweaty in their cubicles from simply being that over her? Seems a little much. Moss’s “rival,” Agyness “Zany” Deyn, tops the list followed by Gwyneth “Gams Forever” Paltrow and Sarah Jessica “OMG Hat” Parker. Here’s the rest of Grazia’s top-ten list, middle names assigned by us in quotes included:

4. Carla “Could Not Be Anymore Fabulous” Bruni
5. Daisy “Pink Tutu” Lowe
6. Maggie “Stylish Style Schizo” Gyllenhaal
7. Elle “Champion of the Flat Shoe” Macpherson
7. Uma “We’re Back to Paying Attention to Her Clothes” Thurman (yes, No. 7 is a tie!)
8. Natalie “Champion of the Vegan Shoe” Portman
9. Kate “Forever Wispy” Hudson
10. Dasha “Roman Abramovich’s Girlfriend” Zhukova (okay, that one’s not very clever — but would you have known who she was otherwise?)

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Kate Moss Dropped From ‘Grazia’ Best-Dressed List