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Kate Moss Vacations With Wedding-Band-Less Marc Jacobs

Lila Grace does a photo shoot with Marc Jacobs, Lorenzo Martone, Kate Moss, and grandma Linda.Photo: Bauer-Griffin

Marc Jacobs and Brazilian boyfriend Lorenzo Martone were spotted enjoying some downtime on the Spanish island of Formentera this weekend. And we say “boyfriend” rather than “husband” because after carefully inspecting all the photos from the wire of this outing we saw no wedding bands, which is enough to debunk the highly questionable rumor. (At least for now.) But who cares about that when they’re hanging out with Kate Moss (wearing one of her Topshop tops, no less) and her mom, Linda, and daughter Lila Grace? We’re assuming Jacobs et al didn’t just bump into Moss and Co. on the beach like one bumps into people he or she knows on the L train, since Formentera seems almost exactly the opposite of a crowded subway. But more important, we didn’t know Moss and Jacobs were close enough pals to freaking plan vacations together. It brings to mind the time Moss was in New York and she was spotted chatting up Robert Duffy on Mercer Street. What gives, Jacobs? Is Moss an imminent campaign star for Louis Vuitton or Marc Jacobs? Are Moss and Co. imminent campaign stars for family-themed ads? And while we’re asking questions: Could Lila Grace be any more fabulous? We know everybody fusses over Suri Cruise, but does she stage her own photo shoots with Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss? No. She certainly doesn’t.

Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone Get Their Beach On With Kate Moss [Fashionologie]

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Kate Moss Vacations With Wedding-Band-Less Marc Jacobs