Eve Gelade and Mary Gasser of Key Won’t Buy Things on Sale

Eve, left, and Mary in their Grand Street store. Eve’s wearing a Yumi Kim top — it’s her favorite print.Photo: Melissa Hom

Eve Gelade and Mary Gasser do what so many of us in fashion dream about. They left their jobs and opened their own store. Key on Grand Street is an impeccably curated closet, about to turn three years old. We sat down with the owners to talk trends and where they like to shop.

How do you choose the items you stock in store?
Mary: When we go to an appointment, Eve and I try everything on. Our appointments take so long because we literally want to make sure each of us has worn it. We say to each other, “Do I want to own this? Do I want this in my closet?” And most of the time, it’s no.

Mix and match! Vintage meets new.Photo: Melissa Hom

What’s the first designer item you bought?
Eve: I think it was a Marc Jacobs skirt that I found on sale somewhere. It was black pencil skirt with little tuxedo details. I still have it. It doesn’t fit me. I thought it fit me at the time, and I wanted it because it was such a good price. And it taught me a lesson. I used to shop just because something’s on sale. And now I would never do that.

You wouldn’t buy anything on sale?
Mary: Well, that also comes with maturity. Not being in that sale mentality that’s like “Oh my God, $200 down from $500, I’ll get it!” or squeezing yourself into something at the Barneys sale.

What trends do you personally like for fall this season?
Mary: This fall we’re really feeling the sexy bohemian. I can’t get enough of beautiful crochet tops — they keep selling out.
Eve: Every fall, I’m such a sucker for the heavy plaids, the woolens, the sweater coats, chunky wool.

Are there any trends you wish would go away?
Mary: Short shorts are driving me nuts. The butt cleavage, ugh.
Eve: I’m not a big fan of the eighties thing. If you’re decked out in flash, off the shoulders, with the Ray Bans and the skinny jeans, I’m sick of seeing it.

Who are your favorite designers?
Mary: I love Marni. I love Anna Molinari. And I love the sleek graphic of Helmut Lang.
Eve: I love Alberta Ferretti. I love Prada, but I don’t love everything she does. But I love the mixing of the prints. And Lanvin, how can you not?

Who are the designers you wear the most?
Eve: Yumi Kim I love.
Mary: She designs her own prints, and she just gets it. Prints are so tough. There are just so many terrible prints.

Necklaces make the outfit.Photo: Melissa Hom

Where do you shop other than Key?
Mary: Poppy. Our friend Leslie runs it. I also like walking the floors of Bergdorf.
Eve: For clothing, I only shop here. And Old Navy for my son.

What item do you really want to buy right now?
Eve: I need an upgrade coat, I think, for commuting and whatnot. I’ve been wearing my puffer. I do not feel chic.

What’s one item that you can’t live without?
Mary: A wonderful, versatile handbag. Most of the time you have to spend a little.
Eve: A really good vintage necklace. It can be the plainest outfit, but if I’m wearing one of my necklaces, it can instantly transform it.

Eve Gelade and Mary Gasser of Key Won’t Buy Things on Sale