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Lauren Conrad to Present at Emmys, Dress Trophy Models

Lauren Conrad and one of “her” ruche-tastic designs. Photo: Getty Images, Courtesy of Lauren Conrad

Those Emmy planners must really be “hip to it” this year. According to E! Online, they’re having Lauren “Center of the Us Weekly Universe” Conrad present an award. What’s that? You never thought of her as a public speaker? That’s because you know her so much better as a talented up-and-coming clothing designer. But never fear, for the Emmy planners seem hip to that widely held sentiment, too, because E! Online also reports the models who hand out awards will wear dresses from Conrad’s clothing line. What we’re about to say may surprise you, but we don’t think this is a terrible idea. After all, Heidi Klum is co-hosting and we don’t want anyone coming close to out-dazzling her. All the effort she and her team put into making her look pretty will have its desired effect if her pretty, leggy onstage cohorts look like they shop at Forever 21.

But Conrad’s frocks won’t grace all the models. E! reports some will wear dresses from Beyoncé’s House of Dereon line. Now, we don’t know when Conrad got public-relations people as good as Beyoncé’s. But if the playing field is really that even, we’re very scared.

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Lauren Conrad to Present at Emmys, Dress Trophy Models