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Men in Tights? It’s Time for Mantyhose

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It was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? After all, men already came for our skirts, which we’re trying to be fine with because, hey, easy access! Then they came for our eyeliner (or maybe that was just Pete Wentz?) and our girdles, and we started to sense that our territory was being encroached upon. Now they have co-opted our pantyhose. Why? For warmth, added support, and circulation, according to CNN, which claims that mantyhose sales are “booming.” There’s even a Website called e-MANcipate aiming to “accelerate the acceptance of male pantyhose as a regular clothing item.” The site offers testimonials from truck drivers who swear by mantyhose for those long cold drives and an illustrated guide for how to put on male pantyhose without destroying them (FYI guys, an unkempt toenail can ruin the entire operation!).

But Prime News’ Mike Galanos ain’t buying what they’re selling. “C’mon, what’s the point here?” the CNN reporter said during the segment. “You put on a pair of shorts, you’ve got some ugly hairy legs. That’s what guys do!” —Noelle Hancock

Video - Guys Buying Up ‘Mantyhose’ [CNN]
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Men in Tights? It’s Time for Mantyhose