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Michael Kors to Guest-Star on ‘Gossip Girl’

Some things just fit, don’t they?Photo-illustration: Getty Images, Courtesy of CW

It’s OMFG day here on the Cut folks: Michael Kors will guest-star on the upcoming season of Gossip Girl. And we are sooooo excited. It sounds like he plays himself since WWD reports he shot part of the “Fashion Week–themed” episode on Tuesday at Capitale where a fashion show takes place. A Fashion Week–themed episode on Gossip Girl? We haven’t felt this funny a feeling in our stomachs since we learned the Sex and the City movie would be set at the tents!

Kors told WWD that Gossip Girl is like crack for him, too. Okay, maybe not those exact words: “I was glued into ‘Gossip Girl’ from Day One. I think it truly is the ‘car-crash-that’s-glamorous.’ Probably to the consternation of certain people on the Upper East Side, they really get it. It’s a pretty clear picture of how a lot of these kids really are.” Well, except the poor ones who live in Brooklyn and carry Valentino bags, but whatever. Kors also told WWD, “I love the clothes, everyone is good-looking, the plot line is a riot. I love the show. They called and said, ‘You are very Gossip Girl.’ I thought, ‘Finally, I am a teenager.’” Hooray!


Michael Kors to Guest-Star on ‘Gossip Girl’