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Nigel Barker’s Latest Photo Project: ‘Moon Warriors’

The invite to Barker’s next show. Just look at all
the sponsors!Photo: Courtesy of Think PR

It seems like just yesterday that Nigel Barker made inroads in hearts across the nation with his baby-seal photography exhibit. But this Fashion Week, Barker will unleash his edgy side with his next exhibit at Bloomingdale’s called “Moon Warriors.” Moon. Warriors. What is a moon warrior to Nigel Barker? It’s a “couture-clad” mannequin sitting on a Montauk beach in the dead of winter for hours on end. Allow the press release to explain:

The shoot occurred in the bitter cold of February, which required that the subjects be mannequins because living models wouldn’t be able to physically hold a pose for the needed time in the winter weather … In order to expose a photo properly using only moonlight, the shutter speeds must be up to an hour long.

Like the seal shoot, he tackles the elements, yet again! Why Barker is not the face of North Face yet, we know not. For a taste of the “surreal, avant-garde fashion images amid the dreamy moonlight,” click on, fashion warrior.

Photo: Courtesy of Think PR

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Nigel Barker’s Latest Photo Project: ‘Moon Warriors’