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Obama’s People Misspell Anna Wintour’s Name in a Bad, Bad Way

Think she’ll just brush it off?Photo: WireImage

So the Barack Obama camp is holding a fashion-themed fund-raiser on September 9. Delightful idea, no? After all, the last fashion fund-raiser sponsored by Vogue and starring Michelle Obama sure was a smash. So it’s no surprise that Vogue is in on this one, too. However, we’re guessing the invitation was better the last time around. And by “better,” we mean “spell-checked.” Jossip reports:

New Yorkers with $10k to blow for VIP tickets (or $250 cheap seats for lowly wage slaves) are invited to a Sept. 9 Barack Obama event. It is the launch party at Charles Nolan studio for something called “Runway to Change with Special Guests Sarah Jessica Parker & Ann Wintour.” Yes, Ann Wintour — that’s how it went out to campaign supporters.

We understand how grave an error this is. But it doesn’t sound like Obama’s people do. A spokeswoman told Jossip, “It was either a typo or the extra syllable would have thrown off the haiku we were going for.” Hardy har har! Even if they know nothing at all about fashion or magazines, you’d think they’d try to remember Wintour raised $100K to $200K for Obama. Details are such a bitch.

Obama Campaign’s Spelling Error Means Michelle Will Never Get on ‘Vogue’ [Jossip]
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Obama’s People Misspell Anna Wintour’s Name in a Bad, Bad Way