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Olympian Kim Glass Really Wants to Be on ‘ANTM’

Go, Kim, go!Photo: Getty Images

We were getting our daily dose of gym motivation by watching women’s volleyball this morning when the announcer brought up Kim Glass. She’s an outside hitter on the U.S. team who, the announcer said, has tried out for America’s Next Top Model five times. We’re so immersed in fashion it’s not uncommon for us to hear, like, “Louboutin” when someone says “Turn that on” or something that sounds similar. So we Googled. And, sure enough, Kim’s profile on NBC’s Website reads:

While in college, Glass tried out for Bravo’s reality TV show America’s Next Top Model, which is hosted by actress/model Tyra Banks. In fact, she tried out five times. And even though she stands 6-foot-2, Glass says she has a shoe fetish and loves heels. “Now only if they made more in my size!” she jokes.

Funny how NBC’s sports people think ANTM is on Bravo instead of the CW, eh? Those networks are worlds apart! And doesn’t NBC own Bravo? Way to know your own networks there, guys. The announcer went on to note that Glass didn’t get cast because she’s too grounded for reality TV, but certainly has what it takes to rule the runway. (If anyone can spot catwalk potential, it’s sports announcers.) He added, “She says she’ll go back” for another audition. Think Tyra Banks will be interested in her now that she’s an Olympian? We’d say casting an Olympic athlete would send an enormously positive message to the young women Tyra wants to look up to her. But just when we think we’ve got Tyra figured out, she throws us a big fat curveball, so who knows what will happen. But we’re sure in Glass’s court (zing!).

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Olympian Kim Glass Really Wants to Be on ‘ANTM’