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Our Favorite Model Cards From the New Show Packages

Modeling agencies have started sending out show packages in hopes of getting their newest girls and runway vets prime placement on as many catwalks as possible for Fashion Week, which starts next week (OMFG is right!). The model cards (or, as we like to think of them, our baseball cards) come with photos and stats (height, hip measurement, etc) for each girl. We poured through piles and picked our five favorite cards.

1. Hye Park, Trump Management

A white outfit on a white background with frizzed-out black hair forces the eye to one place: Hye Park’s gorgeous face. Genius, no?Photo: Courtesy of Trump

2. Behati Prinsloo, Supreme

Supreme’s fashion-in-the-wild package this year was by far our favorite, so much so that we had to pick two cards from the stack to share with you. First up, Behati Prinsloo, who turns a highway into a runway by hitchhiking in a sheet and Reeboks. Chic and spiritual. Photo: Courtesy of Supreme

3. Hanne Gaby Odiele, Supreme

Continuing the oh-so-literal girls-gone-wild theme, Hanne Gaby Odiele looks like she just jumped out of a river. If only we looked that sexy and fresh after swimming.Photo: Courtesy of Supreme

4. Daul Kim, Elite

Elite went for an eye-catching graphic, retro border on black-and-white photos. Daul Kim’s come-hither pose makes us wish we had legs that went on for days. If only.Photo: Courtesy of Elite

5. Angelika Kocheva, Marilyn

Marilyn’s cards look strangely angelic, but in a way that makes you do double takes. Seems fitting then that we’re drawn to Angelika’s card. You try looking away.Photo: Courtesy of Marilyn

Show Package S/S 09: Supreme [Of the Minute/]
Show Package S/S 09: Marilyn [Of the Minute/]
Show Package S/S 09: Elite Women [Of the Minute/]
Show Package S/S 09: Trump [Of the Minute/]

Our Favorite Model Cards From the New Show Packages