Pamela Love Really Wants a Sonia Rykiel Hat

The girl really wants a hat, okay?Photo: Melissa Hom

You’ve seen Pamela Love everywhere. Her jewelry at least. Her eagle-claw cuff is an editorial mainstay, and the Times hearts her bird-skull necklace. But the painter-drummer-designer, who’s collaborating with Marchesa for their upcoming fashion show (along with fellow jewelry designer Eddie Borgo) has become the go-to girl for cool, amazingly chic, giant pieces. Though we’re lusting after one of her birds, we had to know what she’s coveting.

What’s the story behind the bird skull?
I really wanted to make a bird skull for a friend of mine who I thought really needed a skull around his neck. But I didn’t want to do just a skull because I think they’re kind of cheesy. So I was like, “He needs a bird’s skull, like a raven or a crow.” And I cast a few of them in metal and they were huge. And the smaller ones didn’t have the look I wanted. So I just decided to get a big skull and carve a smaller version of it from wax.

And your cuff has been shot in editorials a lot…
It’s supposed to be an eagle claw, and it actually was just in a Gap advertisement. My friend Julia [Restoin-Roitfeld] was in a Gap ad, and she wears them every day. And in fact, three of the girls in the Gap ad are wearing my jewelry [Julia, Lily Donaldson, Georgina Chapman]. You can’t see it on everyone.

From left, the eagle claw; our favorite new skull.Photo: Courtesy of Pamela Love

Are you all about signature pieces?
I have a lot of signature pieces that I wear every day that aren’t my own. I wear a lot of stuff that I find, antiques.

What other jewelry designers do you love?
Elsa Perretti, obviously. I love what Derrick from Black Sheep and Prodigal Son has done — that stuff is unreal. I really love Digby and Iona.

How would you describe your personal style?
A mixture of high and low, like masculine-feminine, old and new.

What’s the first designer item you ever bought?
My mom bought it for me. It was a Betsey Johnson full-length floral bodysuit with a chiffon skirt. And I have pictures of me wearing it, somewhere. It was black, full length, long sleeves, floral.

What trend do you love right now?
Hats. I love hats so much, because my hair is so hard to manage. I’ve been talking about these Sonia Rykiel hats that were on the runway in every interview in the hopes that someone will read it and send me the hat!

Pamela hard at work.Photo: Melissa Hom

What trend do you hate?
Leggings. And every girl dressing the same. That’s not a trend, that’s life.

Who are your favorite designers?
Ann Demeulemeester. I love Alexander Wang. Sonia Rykiel. Marc Jacobs is so great and classic. I love seventies Yves Saint Laurent for going out and dressing up. I love my friend Frank Tell. He’s doing the most amazing stuff.

What are you lusting after right now?
Hats by Sonia Rykiel! One pair of denim shorts by Alexander Wang that they sold out of, the long, baggy, crazy ripped-up ones.

What’s something every woman needs?
A signature necklace, whatever necklace that you love, love, love or whatever ring that you never take off. A really amazing and wearable pair of heels, wedges, or pumps. And a really good pair of boots.

Pamela Love Really Wants a Sonia Rykiel Hat