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Random Freak-out Over Ralph Lauren’s Olympic Uniforms

Can’t you just hear the NBC Olympic theme
trumpeting?Courtesy Ralph Lauren

While we spent our Friday night with eyes glazed over, mesmerized by the spectacle that is the Olympics (so many colors!), others were taking issue with the uniforms Ralph Lauren designed for U.S. team members to wear during the opening ceremony. The American Politics Journal has its manties in a bunch because, in its opinion, the little white horse on the jackets was too big (too big!) and distracted from the Olympic logo. They accused Lauren of “morphing our athletes into unpaid billboards for the ‘Polo’ pony and rider.”

The APJ further argues that the Olympics should be purely a sporting event and that they’re “not a place for blundering materialism.” They sniff: “I propose that along with drug testing labs, we have logo-testing experts who make certain the logos are hidden.” (Try telling that to Coca-Cola.)

Personally, we thought the American athletes looked kind of nice, a little Gatsby, but hey! We would’ve thought the 2,008 drummers, the thousands of Chinese men in those boxes — or, you know, the guy in the space suit — would have visually distracted from the silly rings, but if you want to put the blame on a pony shirt, okay. —Noelle Hancock

Ralph Lauren Humiliates America [American Politics Journal via Gawker]

Random Freak-out Over Ralph Lauren’s Olympic Uniforms