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‘Runway’ Recap: In Which Keith Loses It

All the designers looked weary and miserable on Project Runway last night, but Keith is the King of Sulk, utterly distraught from landing in the bottom two last week. He says he wants to change the way the world dresses — if only someone else wanted him to.

In this week’s challenge, Heidi gives the designers a midtown address and tells them to go to the rooftop. Rooftop? Time to freak out! Blayne is scared and speculates they’re designing for someone famous, “exclusive, rooftop style.” Someone else floats the possibility of a party. Yes, a party that’s going on at 8 a.m. is totally Tim Gunn’s scene.

The address turns out to be a parking lot full of a bunch of Saturns. Just as sexy as that party they were expecting! Tim, wearing a festive bright-pink shirt, tells the designers they have to make dresses out of car parts — everyone freaks out. Again. How ever are they going to take the cars apart? Lest they deface a sponsor, the car parts are waiting for them inside the vehicles. So they rush to fill their grocery carts with seat belts, floor mats, carburetors, headlights, and the like. Everyone goes right for the seat belts to make their garments. Kenley sees this and smartly decides not to use them. Stella, who ought to rock out on a challenge that involves working with thick heavy materials and hammering, decides to make something “pretty.” Sigh.

Keith wants to please the “fucking judges” and is sick of their harsh critiques of his fabulous clothes. Blayne notes Keith has developed a major “’tude” and keeps slamming things down and cursing. Keith is acting scary weird and says he deserves to win more than anyone else. Obnoxious much? But it gets better: On elimination day he instructs his model not to sit down, but she has to in hair and makeup. He becomes livid when the seat-belt skirt splits, but that’s the least of his problems since the outfit was already hideous. “There’s so much more at stake for me than there is for her,” he says. Ugh. Then he tells her to “watch the breathing.” Double ugh.

Designs by Leanne, Jerell, and Keith.Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

Laura Bennett fills in for Nina Garcia this week and does a good job. Rachel Zoe is the guest judge, and she’s fine too. Jerell’s futuristic strapless minidress is cool, but we can’t stand the styling. The boots? The stiff too-high ponytail? The tar eye shadow? We like that he went for a total look, but we found the whole thing unbecoming. Leanne’s structured minidress with the jutting hips is original and works, but Stella’s seat-belt pencil skirt and mismatched top are on the ugly side of whatever. Blayne looks like he ran out of time on his mirror appliquéd dress, which has loose seat belts hanging to the floor that Michael Kors likens to a car wash. And Heidi chimes in: “You know that’s seven years no sex there. You break the mirror!” Um no, Heidi. But Zoe would “walk out the door” in Korto’s box coat. So why does Korto look so miserable à la Lauren Conrad when everyone’s inexplicably raving over her? Emote, honey. You’re on reality TV!

And then there’s sorry Keith. Laura smartly points out there’s no concept behind his outfit. “You should see my other stuff,” Keith says, adding it was hard to hear his dress looked like a dowdy chicken last week when he worked so hard on it. Wah.

It’s no surprise Leanne wins and Keith goes home. Did everyone notice the angry face Michael Kors made when Keith left? Our feelings exactly. Keith sobs like a child when he goes. He wants to get out of Utah and it’s just so hard and this was such a great opportunity. So move, friend! We hear Bushwick is still affordable.

‘Runway’ Recap: In Which Keith Loses It