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Saks Loses $31.7 Million; Men’s Apparel Sales Surpass Women’s

Erin Wasson needs a bib.Photo: Heat Enterprises

• Saks Fifth Avenue reports losses of $31.7 million in the second quarter. Well-heeled folk, what have you been doing instead of shopping? [WWD]

Narciso Rodriguez on his label in these economic times: “We are happy we haven’t decreased the business in any way, but the company usually grows like 20 percent every year, and that hasn’t happened. We are trudging through this Bush mess and looking forward to the next steps.” [WWD]

• Men’s apparel sales rose 2.1 percent while women’s sales fell 3.8 percent over the past year. Way to get your shop on, men. [DNR News]

• A new study reveals 32 percent of British women would rather go without food than not purchase the latest fashion “must-have.” As Carrie Bradshaw once said, sometimes she felt Vogue fed her more than dinner. [My Fashion Life]

Erin Wasson eats a strategically messy ice-cream cone as the cover model for Whirlwind Heat’s new album. [Fashionologie]

• Staerk, the Scandinavian brand that’s a favorite of downtown girls, will open its first U.S. boutique at 182 Mulberry Street this Thursday. [Racked]

• A hot-dog cart caught on fire yesterday on the Upper East Side, shooting flames up the awning of the Ralph Lauren store. [NYP]

Tommy Hilfiger will launch a “Happy Holidays” collection for the holiday season this year. [British Vogue]

• Shipley & Halmos launched a quirky new Website that says things like “Cursor is God. Do not underestimate its power.” [Racked]

• Anne Hathaway on her glamorous movie roles: “The more I get to play characters that are glamorous, the less pressure I feel to do it in my own life. When it’s your job to look like that, you think: ‘I’ll just wear jeans and the most awesome rock-star T-shirt I can find.’ If anything, it’s liberated my inner couch potato.” [British Vogue]

• Uniqlo has designed a hooded minidress for the seventh edition of Tokyo Girls Collection, an annual fashion show targeting teenagers and young women that features live music and popular Japanese models a day after Japanese Fashion Week wraps. Buy it in stores for $36. [WWD]

• Lily Allen reportedly gave a girl “three swift punches” last night while wearing a purple dress, pair of Louboutin heels, and a Chanel bag. [Haute Concept]

Saks Loses $31.7 Million; Men’s Apparel Sales Surpass Women’s