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Step Right Up for Your Free Eating-Disorder Brochure at Fashion Week

Morgane Dubled at Christian Dior CouturePhoto: imaxtree

The CFDA shall not relent in its quest for an effective way to ensure fashion models stay healthy. Not only did they hold a panel discussion on model health in June and send out letters to designers and casting agents urging them to follow the CFDA’s model-health guidelines this Fashion Week, but they’ll also set up special “health initiative booths” in the tents at Bryant Park. In the lobby and backstage. The Renfrew Center, an eating-disorder treatment facility, will help with the booths, which will offer information on the CFDA’s guidelines and “an informational brochure on eating disorders, the signs and symptoms.” That’s brochure, singular.

“[W]e will have a clinician on site who is going to be there to answer specific questions, provide referrals and basically perform overall outreach to any person who might be interested in treatment or may be worried about someone they are working with,” Steven Kolb, executive director of the CFDA, told WWD. And if you don’t have an eating disorder or don’t want to discuss your concerns about the person/people you know with eating disorders or just don’t have room for that brochure in your purse with all those free trade papers, you can simply sign a paper saying you support the CFDA’s health guidelines.

We bet these are going to get more foot traffic than the open bars or the booths with the free macaroons.

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Step Right Up for Your Free Eating-Disorder Brochure at Fashion Week