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Tamara Mellon Heads to Revlon; Dior’s New D.J.

Harley Viera-Newton.Photo: Patrick McMullan


Dior Beauty hired Harley Viera-Newton to be the brand’s house D.J. and create playlists inspired by Dior’s beauty products. More important, she D.J.’s at Lit in the East Village and studies Egyptology at NYU. [WWD]

• Revlon announced today that the new director on their board of directors is Jimmy Choo’s founder Tamara Mellon. [Reuters]

• Six months after Shu Uemura died, his brand is still going strong, with beauty editors claiming “Shu Uemura is like the Comme des Garçons of beauty brands.” Oh, Shu. [Independent]

• A British doctor says anti-aging surgeries may speed up the aging process: “Four out of five clients I see regret their decision to have anti-ageing surgical procedures and come to me for non-surgical solutions. The truth is that you can’t improve the state of healthy skin by cutting it.” [Daily Mail]

• Lil’ Kim’s nose used to have dents. Now it doesn’t. Discuss. [Awful Plastic Surgery]

Lush came out with a Retro Gift Box that includes six bath bomb scents. It looks cool, but bath bombs are a little too messy for us. [Teen Vogue]

Tamara Mellon Heads to Revlon; Dior’s New D.J.