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The Pope Wears Fur … and Feels the Burn

Looking at this is making us sweat.Photo: Getty Images

Animal-rights activists in Italy are upset with the Pope, who has taken to wearing traditional capes and hats trimmed with ermine fur. This is the first time a Pope has worn the furry formalwear since the sixties, back when Pope John XXII wore it. Pope Benedict favors the fur-trimmed ensemble because it’s quite traditional — and it matches his conservative liturgical and theological views! We can’t blame the guy for wanting to match, but that’s not a good enough justification for animal-rights activists in Italy, who have launched an online petition to convince the Pope to trade in the fur for synthetics. The Italian Association for the Defense of Animals and the Environment has gathered more than 2,200 signatures, according to the Guardian.

Sounds like a real pickle for the Popester. But we have to say: We’re amazed he has the wherewithal to wear fur in Italy this time of year. We mean, Weather.com says it feels like 89 degrees there right now. Maybe he’s too holy to sweat?

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The Pope Wears Fur … and Feels the Burn