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Top Makeup Felonies: Overbronzing, Overplucking, and More!

Bijules nail rings.Photo: Courtesy of Bijules

• This list of the top ten makeup felonies pinpoints overbronzing, mismatched foundation, overplucked eyebrows, makeup overload, and many more. So simplify, people! Otherwise the makeup police will lock you up. [Total Beauty]

• Benefit’s coming out with a plum version of their famous Bad Gal mascara in October. [We Love Beauty]

• Jules Kim’s jewelry line, Bijules, features a serpent-inspired nail ring. We’ve seen Santogold rock something like this before. And we suppose it’s good for covering up chipped nails, if you’re into this kind of thing. []

• Doctors are saying that patients better stop smoking before they get a face-lift, threatening that they won’t perform procedures to smokers. Yeah, not really news. [NYT]

• One woman racked up a $1,000 bill at Fresh stocking up on their Black Tea Age-Delay Cream and Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask. How much eye cream does one need? [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

• We’re not really into smelling like food, but this marshmallow-scented body butter has hints of vanilla bean and rose petals, which makes it sound potentially usable. [SugarShock Beauty]

Top Makeup Felonies: Overbronzing, Overplucking, and More!