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Trying On Clothes Makes Women Less Confident

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News flash: Shopping trips that involve trying on clothes make women feel bad about themselves. In fact, trying on clothes in changing rooms causes 88 percent of women to “reevaluate” their bodies, according to a new Fitness magazine poll. Fitness editor-in-chief Denise Brodey said they conducted the poll to reassure women everywhere those unfortunate feelings of self-loathing are happening all around them. About two in three respondents say trying on clothes hurts their self-confidence. And USA Today offers more statistics where those came from:

• 59 percent of respondents would never try on clothes in a large communal dressing room.

• 39 percent buy things that are too small, planning to look smashing in them when they lose weight.

• 62 percent own jeans that don’t fit anymore.

• 34 percent own a “skinny outfit to wear only when they’re at their ideal size.”

• 51 percent have a fat outfit for when they feel pudgy or bloated.

• 15 percent have “accidentally ripped or gotten stuck in a garment that was too small.”

• 75.6 percent say they try on only one outfit in the morning before leaving home; 16.7 percent say they typically try on around two; and just under 8 percent try more.

Okay, ladies, we get the not-feeling-confident thing. We’ve been there. And the skinny jeans/fat jeans thing? We’ve been there, too. But over three-fourths of you try on only one outfit in the morning? Puh-lease. We can’t have miscalculated how much of the world is as hopelessly indecisive as we are by that much.

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Trying On Clothes Makes Women Less Confident