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U.S. Open Players Step Up Their Fashion Game

Maybe Roger has a delivery for Anna?Photo: Getty Images

The U.S. Open is in full swing (ha), and since tennis is Anna Wintour’s favorite sport, her omnipresent bob has put pressure on the players to dress well. That’s how we’d feel, anyhow. Thankfully, this year’s players, including Anna’s man crush, Roger Federer, are looking quite fashion-forward at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Cathy Horyn, however, was unimpressed with Federer’s brown outfit: “A UPS man on center court? Maybe it’s my television or my copy of the Times, but it seems an awkward shade in that context.” We agree, though we thought he looked more like a garbage man during a summer shift. Judgments continue after the jump.

Vania King, left, is wearing the tennis dress we always wanted — when we were 7. Victoria Azarenka’s dress, right, is a more grown-up choice. Reminds us of the whole “Blue Steel” thing from Zoolander.Photo: Getty Images

We wouldn’t mind if Rafael Nadal, left, ditched the almost-manpris, but his muscles make up for any fashion missteps. And Viktor Troicki’s shirt, right, just screams nerdy dad.Photo: Getty Images

Caroline Wozniacki, left, looks like Roger’s sister in her brownish-gray dress, but it works well with that orange accent. We’d wear it to aerobics in a swift heartbeat. Dinara Safina, right, has a thing for the pink, too. And though we’d never do it, we love that her sneakers match.Photo: Getty Images

Ahhh! Another nerdy dad! Er, Igor Kunitsyn, left. Has no one in tennis fashion design traded stripes for plaid yet? Novak Djokovic, right, is high-tech, or at least his sleeve is. The color scheme is delightfully Miami Vice.Photo: Getty Images

We love both the Williams sisters’ looks. Serena, left, did bright color in a more mature, accessible way. And we never would have thought to wear Venus’s neckline during physical activity, but now we’ll look for a workout top that’s just as spiffy.Photo: Getty Images

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U.S. Open Players Step Up Their Fashion Game