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Video: Justin Timberlake IS William Rast

Clips from the promotional Internet movies for Justin Timberlake’s new clothing line, William Rast, are out! You’ll recall Timberlake had some reservations about starring in the campaign for the line but consented after the label’s new creative directors suggested he play William Rast in a series of Internet movies alongside love interest Erin Wasson. They play rebels who run from the cops for unknown reasons while making out intermittently (which is exactly what we do in our William Rast clothes). We’re so glad JT didn’t withhold his talents from us for another day.

Oh, and did we mention he also helped with the screenplay? Another of his gifts. A taste:

Justin Timberlake: You love me.

Erin Wasson: You know I do.

JT: How much?

EW: A lot.

JT: How much is a lot?

EW: As the day is long.

JT: Say my name.

EW: Mmm … William Rast.

JT: Say it again.

EW: William. Rast.

JT: You are?

EW: Yours forever.

JT: Come here.


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Video: Justin Timberlake IS William Rast