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Lauren Conrad Can’t Describe Her Own Clothes

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Lauren Conrad’s reputation right now as a budding fashion designer seems to be struggling — just like her line! It’s not like she’s not trying, we’ll give her that. But her delivery needs work. First, she got dropped by Kitson. Then, in an attempt to redeem herself, she appeared at Bloomingdale’s in Los Angeles last week to present her latest collection to hundreds of screaming teenage fans. Only, she had trouble talking about her own clothes. She described one of her looks in less than twenty words: “This one’s a little more nighttime. Again, it’s a mini, it’s that asymmetrical look that is in for this fall. Um, um. That’s it [points to model].” That’s just sad. Add in awkward pauses, an unplanned monologue, uncomfortable smiling, only two models, and terrible stage banter, and you’ve got one brutal presentation. It’s called prep and practice, L.C.! Shouldn’t you know that from your “unscripted” reality show? But, we’re not saying this just to pour salt in her fashion wounds. Take a look for yourself in this video. —Sharon Clott

Lauren Conrad Chokes at Own Fashion Show [TMZ]

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Lauren Conrad Can’t Describe Her Own Clothes