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Video: Transgender ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Contestant Speaks, Works It

We’re not the pious type, but when word came yesterday that one of the contestants on the next season of America’s Next Top Model was transgender, we closed our eyes and thanked the Lord for people like Tyra Banks, who just don’t quit. Entertainment Tonight has a video preview of the new season and shines the spotlight on the transgender contestant, 22-year-old Isis Tsunami. When Tyra saw Isis she thought she was “absolutely amazing” and just had to have her on ANTM, even after her staff told her there was something “a little different” about her. “I was born physically male, but mentally [and] everything else I was born female,” Isis says. She adds being a woman wasn’t a choice but who she’s always been. “Some people might say that I’m transgender, some people might say transsexual. Personally I prefer ‘born in the wrong body,’” she tells Tyra.

But here’s the really important question: Can she model? We have two videos of Isis “working it” from before ANTM after the jump.

In this video Isis shares a runway with another model at something called the Jourdan Ball. She flaunts her clutch purse with a pretty mean sashay, which we’d say is a little too heavy on the lower-arm swinging.

Isis continues her mean sashay in this obscure video that landed on YouTube back in January. She needs to tone down her turns, and she probably shouldn’t make a snarling face when she stops at the end of the runway.

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Video: Transgender ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Contestant Speaks, Works It