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Whitney Port to Leave People’s Revolution?

Whitney PortPhoto: Getty Images

Fashionista got wind of a rumor that Whitney Port will leave fashion PR firm People’s Revolution during season four of The Hills, which premiered earlier this week, to do in-house PR for a fashion designer. It’s unclear who that lucky designer might be, though Miguelina Gambaccini is a possibility. It’s also unclear if Lauren Conrad will follow Whitney like a sad, lost puppy much in the manner she followed Whitney to People’s Revolution from the Teen Vogue closet.

So could this be true? Could Whitney have the audacity to strike out into the great as-planned-for-reality-TV unknown to come one step further to maximizing her potential and realizing her career dreams? (Those aside from the clothing line she already has, of course.) We called People’s Revolution to demand answers. “We’re not allowed to comment on that,” a rep told us. Muzzled by the MTV machine, eh? Because if the world knew the answer it would have absolutely no reason to watch the rest of season four. So mount on up, suspense! Though we can’t see how taking Kelly Cutrone out of the picture would help the show. The woman was a truly brilliant addition.

Whitney Port to Leave People’s Revolution [Fashionista]
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Whitney Port to Leave People’s Revolution?