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A Preview of Whitney Port’s New Clothing Line

Dana Arbib and Farah Malik

At last Whitney Port’s new clothing line is up for sale on Kitson’s website. And it seems priced just to remind us all that even in times like these Hills people will still spend money like it’s going out of style. Kitson lists the line as “Whitney Eve,” although we believe it’s technically called “Eve & A,” since that’s what’s been reported and appears on the line’s Website. But how would anyone know to care about these clothes if Whitney’s name wasn’t involved? The silk, ruffle-neck dress pictured here costs $345. It doesn’t wow us by any means but at least it looks like something Whitney would wear and is more interesting than Lauren Conrad’s collection. See more from the line after the jump.

The sequined dress at center costs $495. Sigh.Photo: Courtesy of Kitson

WHITNEY EVE [Kitson LA via FabSugar]
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A Preview of Whitney Port’s New Clothing Line