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Hot New Trend: Lose Weight With Intravenous Drips!

Out with the Zantrex, in with the banana bags! Before you come to any false conclusions about what banana bags actually are, know they have nothing to do with actually eating bananas (so 2007). Rather, they’re IV drips chock-full of multivitamins that enable users to eat less while still getting nutrients that could also help satiate them. Banana bags are normally hooked up to undernourished alcoholics in hospitals, but models and celebrities use them to get skinny. Why the hell not, right?! To review: The latest diet craze involves voluntarily attaching an IV to oneself. Nutritional psychologist Marc David, a “diet guru to many supermodels” who is familiar with banana bags, tells the Daily Mail:

‘The nutrients in the banana bag are not enough. You can’t put in essential fatty acids — EFA deficiency will lead to a decreased ability to burn calories, irritability, fatigue, and dry hair, skin and nails. Also you’re not getting protein, which is going to diminish your ability to build muscle tissue.’

Oh, they’re not “good for you”? You don’t say! David adds that not eating or “bypassing the digestive process” ultimately wreaks havoc on the immune system. But really — why go to the trouble of eating when you can stick a needle in your arm and call it a day? Besides, we choose to think of this as more of a “cleanse.”

Going bananas for IV: The A-lister’s new diet craze involving an intravenous drip and a bag full of vitamins [Daily Mail]

Hot New Trend: Lose Weight With Intravenous Drips!