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Mazar on Role of Menstrual Cycles in The Women

Eva Mendes told us last night that this year is “the year of the woman,” and since we were at a screening for The Women, we thought we would talk to celebs about feminine stereotypes. Jada Pinkett-Smith is a terrible cook, but a terrific baker. “I made dinner for Will one day. He never got to taste it. I literally made myself extremely sick with the food that I made, so I have not cooked for him since. I come from generations of women who can’t cook, so I’m not surprised.” The Women actress Debi Mazar, who bizarrely stayed in character as a manicurist between takes, told us that she chatted with her co-stars, but “it wasn’t like we were filing our nails, having cocktails, talking about our menstrual cycles. We were working on a movie like any other movie.” As a woman, off the set, Mazar likes to clean and cook. “I’m totally a girly girl. But I also can fix pipes. I do both.”

Bette Midler and producer Victoria Pearman were catching up when we stopped to ask them about Sarah Palin.

BM: Sarah Palin, very interesting. Got beaten with a stick by Charlie Gibson tonight on ABC.
VP: She doesn’t have enough experience to be the Vice President.
BM: Well, she can’t answer Charlie Gibson’s questions, might have a little bit of trouble running the country. She’s a lovely lady.
VP: And I’m a vegetarian.
BM: And we’re both vegetarians. She certainly can wield that AK-47, though.

Jill Hennessy, who is promoting her latest film Lymelife, in which she plays Alec Baldwin’s wife, told us that she loved all of the characters he would play on the set. “I’d really like to see that man do drag. I think he’d be brilliant at it. I played his wife to his philandering, cheating husband. I had to yell and scream and throw plates at him, and I still love the guy.” Ryan Lochte, our new favorite golden boy, missed the movie, but made it to the party. We asked him about chick flicks. “I like chick flicks. I like all kinds of movies.” And does he have a favorite chick flick? “The Notebook. That’s a big chick flick. I’m proud of that. True story.”

Mazar on Role of Menstrual Cycles in The Women