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Fug Girls: ALT Saves Venus Williams From the Princess of Squintsberg

We like to believe that we have this secret power wherein we mention a celebrity and then, like magic, he or she appears. While this has officially worked only twice and has yet to yield Chuck Bass this season, we did notch two big hits at the Carolina Herrera show this morning.

Two lone “reserved” seats sat glaringly empty in the jam-packed room. The rest of the usual suspects were already seated: A-Dubs, nearly every socialite in town both young and old, and even Fran Lebowitz, sitting with Graydon Carter. Who was missing? “I bet it’s Renée Zellweger,” one of us said. The other made a doubtful face, but now she needs to pony up a beer. It was indeed America’s pouty Princess of Squintsberg, who — we hate to say it — looked kind of rough. We’re not sure she moved any facial muscles above her nostrils, but she might finally be growing out that awkward haircut. Come on, kid. Get some sleep and pull it together.

Renée did squeeze out an excited grin when she saw ALT’s guest, Venus Williams — whose awesomeness we had literally just been discussing during our morning sports-news binge. Score another one for us! Renée waved excited at the two of them, then made enthusiastic hand gestures about Venus’s new hair. And if Renée looked worn out, Venus looked totally gorgeous in a blue dress, with a woman we think was mom Oracene on her other side. Game, set, and match to the tennis pro.

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Fug Girls: ALT Saves Venus Williams From the Princess of Squintsberg