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Fug Girls: Blake Lively Wears Tragic Jumpsuit to Miss Sixty

Last season, the Miss Sixty show boasted a surprisingly A-list front row, even if they did all look unenthused about being there. This time? Not so much. We suspect most of Fashion Week’s A-listers were home curling their hair and practicing their dance moves in case they ran into Justin Timberlake at William Rast across town. The Miss Sixty folks did seem like they were doing their best to prevent anyone in their front row from dashing out as soon as the scheduled–for–8 p.m. show was over, in hopes of making William Rast at 9 p.m. They didn’t dim the lights and send the models out until ten minutes to nine, and only after the photographers in the pit started stomping their feet and chanting, “Go! Go! Go!”

But not everyone was so impatient. A man near us took advantage of the wait and actually leaned over to ask our seatmate if she “came here often.” We didn’t know people still used that one with a straight face. He also pulled out the old, “Are you visiting from out of town?” and, “What are you doing later?” Clearly, he was hoping to emulate the couple in front of us. They were embracing, holding hands, stroking hair — actually canoodling. As for us, we just kept our eyes on the front row.

And we were rewarded. Not with any tender butterfly kisses or anything, but rather with Blake Lively, who was sporting a seriously, intensely misguided green jumpsuit. If she can’t pull it off, the rest of us haven’t got a chance in hell. Blake was seated next to Ugly Betty’s Becki Newton, whom she seemed to be outright ignoring for much of the wait in favor of talking to someone behind her, leaving Becki just sitting politely without a pal to chat up. We were beginning to wonder if Blake was rude. Giving a seatmate the cold shoulder is not very Serena of her. Luckily, we got ourselves all in an uproar for no reason whatsoever, as Blake eventually engaged Becki in conversation, then politely chatted up the celeb on her other side, Rosario Dawson.

The rest of the time, Rosario (free from the overlong yellow dress she wore to DVF and wearing a dark cocktail dress) made small talk with the woman to her right, whom we could not identify for the life of us — was it Charlize Theron? No. Kate Bosworth? No. HEIDI MONTAG? Thank you, God, no. It proved, instead, to be Monet Mazur. We never would have guessed that. But the real star of Celeb Row was Bijou Phillips, who seemed to think she was attending a filming of Pants-Off, Dance-Off rather than a fashion show. Okay: Her pants stayed on. But if there had been a table to dance on, she would have climbed onto it. She waved her hands wildly in the air. She pumped her fists. She dramatically shook her (admittedly beautiful) hair. She writhed and wriggled in her seat to the extent that we’re pretty sure there was no way she could have actually seen the show. Although considering some of the stuff we saw … maybe that was the point.

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Fug Girls: Blake Lively Wears Tragic Jumpsuit to Miss Sixty