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Fug Girls: Tyra Isn’t Adhering to Some Calvin Klein Dress Code

Bless Tyra Banks. At Calvin Klein, where it feels like the special guests often defer to white or black attire, Miss Tyra fierced up the joint in a hot-pink dress and red shoes — which had the added benefit of making it impossible to miss her, although just in case, she also accessorized with a slick updo that rested atop her noggin. This is why we love her; Miss T never seems content unless she is visible from space.

In fact, we almost felt bad for her seatmate Serena Williams, who did choose a comparatively low-key white and therefore almost became an afterthought. Still, Serena has more U.S. Open titles than Tyra — SO FAR — which evens the score. Plus, we bet she can do up her cute bob in roughly one-tenth of the time.

During the show, Tyra and Glenda Bailey of Harper’s Bazaar traded whispers and seemed to be enjoying each other immensely. We couldn’t see what was happening with the other marquee attendees, Eva Mendes and Lauren Hutton, because our view was obstructed by distance, a pillar, and a person in a hat. In fact, the security guards wouldn’t let anyone without special permission anywhere near the runway preshow — well, except for the well-dressed gentleman who snapped photos of Mendes and Hutton at will with his own tiny camera. But we’re just SURE that, eventually, the guards were every bit as rude to him as they were to us.

Ergo, all we got of them was a passing glimpse, enough to notice Eva wore white and Lauren picked black. As for the rest, we’ll have to make it up: The Vogue-ettes lined up in a cover two, and then Mendes beat them by throwing a fade to Hutton in the photo pit, at which time she spiked the ball in Anna Wintour’s face. Then they all did the chicken dance.

The pack of photographers waiting outside at the end was energetic and vocal. Tatum O’Neal politely thanked everyone as she sped through them. Tyra also bolted quickly, but with loving catcalls: “We love you, Tyra! New York loves you!” they screamed, getting some nearby construction workers and even a UPS dude into the act too. Rachel Zoe fared the opposite. When she emerged, one guy yelled, “EAT A SANDWICH!” as she strolled past impassively. Five minutes later, his paparazzo friend ran up and chortled, “I told her she’s horrible! That she’s a terrible role model for women! Ha-ha!” When someone asked how Zoe had responded, he said amid self-satisfied laughter, “She threatened to call the cops and then took off running!” Aw. Whatever our personal opinions of Zoe, this guy made us feel the impossible for her: pity. But if you’re reading this, Rachel, take heart. Shortly thereafter the same guy quite seriously insisted to all that Clay Aiken is a bona fide legend. So clearly, his judgment of people is less than sound. Although you still might want to investigate the sandwich part.

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Fug Girls: Tyra Isn’t Adhering to Some Calvin Klein Dress Code