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Fug Girls: Celebs Stay Remarkably Un-Sweaty at Yigal Azrouël

Mere hours into Fashion Week, the humidity is already wilting our spirits (and our hair). So we watched with awe as Elettra Rossellini-Wiedemann sauntered into the Yigal Azrouël show in tight leather pants; were that us, our legs would be marinating in buckets of perspiration as we wept openly and begged someone in standing room to stab us with a pen, but Wiedemann defied science and logic by looking sweat-free and calm. We’re not sure what her secret is, but we suspect it has less to do with what you can buy in Duane Reade than it does with a car and driver.

Amusingly, at one point Wiedemann left her seat and followed a photographer to the venue’s white backdrop and posed energetically and exaggeratedly — flipping her hair, piling it on her head, pouting, etc. She then perused the results on his digital camera, which we imagine was her way of making sure the pics would pass muster with ANTM guest judges Miss J Alexander and Nigel Barker, who chatted together in the front row. Hey, at least Elettra enjoyed the photo op. Party girl Cory Kennedy — fresh off her cameo on 90210 — appeared not only tired and disheveled in trashed white jeans and Doc Martens but totally bored throughout. Although frankly it seems like she would look bored if George Clooney were tickling her feet wearing diamond-studded chaps, so perhaps she’s just inexpressive. Or hung-over.

Expectant mom Alexis Bryant Morgan, who hasn’t popped yet, wandered in looking low-key in flats and a sundress (the baby weight agrees with her). Katie Lee Joel squeezed into the front row next to Fabiola Beracasa, while Nina Garcia commanded reporters’ attention across the runway. The biggest surprise, though, was People’s Revolution honcho Kelly Cutrone. Despite having to run the event, Cutrone looked much less harried than she does on The Hills. In fact, in person, the self-proclaimed power bitch looked cheery, well rested, and actually kinda hot. And not in the sweaty, overheated way. Cutrone: 1, Fug Girls: 0.

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Fug Girls: Celebs Stay Remarkably Un-Sweaty at Yigal Azrouël