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Fug Girls Contemplate Telling Amanda Hearst That Her Hanger Strap Is Exposed

The universe should know better than to send us to a fashion show that requires walking through what we affectionately term “the wig district.” When we’re faced with that kind of temptation, odds are we will get sidetracked, fall into a beehive or a fifties bouffant, and never be seen again. Indeed, we’re wondering if Veronica Webb struggled through the same test of her willpower. At the Y-3 show on Sunday afternoon, the statuesque Webb showed up with a fake-looking banged hairdo, and we are not the only ones in the crowded bleachers who opined that she might have dropped it onto her head ten minutes prior.

Webb sat shoulder to shoulder with reggae artist Sean Paul, who was hanging out in the backstage lounge before the show accepting compliments on his giant neck bling while Vincent Gallo discussed his own hair with a friend. Admittedly, if we’d been that person, we’d have asked about it, too, as it’s his most interesting feature. The last few seasons he’s sported a matted beard with a wild nest of hair that we always feared might be the vacation home of an errant pigeon; here, he was cleaner-shaven with seventies-esque sideburns. Add that to his tight pants, blue shades, and pointy-toed loafers, and he’s all set to live the Swingtown dream — although we secretly suspect he’s taken with his one true soul mate, Vogue and Teen Vogue editor (and former star of The Hills) Lisa Love. This is the second Y-3 show Love and Gallo have attended together — at least, that we know of — and today she sat right behind him, which is about as close to spooning as you can get at a fashion show without arousing suspicion. Or yourself.

Speaking of arousals, we have it on good authority that one of the faces near us in the front row belonged to Michael Lucas, arguably the Tyler Perry of the gay-porn world because of how his name appears ahead of every film title. (We PROMISE we did not know that offhand, Mom.) We were tickled to see him sitting innocently just a stone’s throw from actress Ellen Pompeo and hubby Chris Ivery. If the show changes its name to Ellen Pompeo’s Grey’s Anatomy, we’ll know they bumped into each other long enough for him to impart some valuable career counseling.

We had a gut-check moment when we noticed that at least one of the hanger straps on Amanda Hearst’s dress was fully exposed. A true girlfriend would tell her quietly, but then again, we don’t even know her and ultimately decided a stranger giving her grooming tips might be creepy and unwelcome. We’re sorry, Amanda — but at least it’s possible everyone else was too nose-deep in bubbly to notice. Kanye West’s former fiancée, Alexis Phifer, bellied up to the bar for some Champagne, passing by the likes of Cory Kennedy, a silver-headband-clad Peaches Geldof, Gossip Girl’s Nicole Fiscella (how does she attend more stuff than the actors who have actual lines? Oh, wait, maybe we answered our own question there), and Genevieve Jones, who miraculously managed not to melt in the heat despite wearing a long-sleeved sweaterdress.

And seriously, it was steamy in there. In the past, Y-3 has put its models to the test by making them walk through water and ice and on running treadmills, but this season, it was our fellow attendees who were challenged. Our task: not passing out amid the hanging fluorescent lights and humid, stale air. Maybe that’s why Sean Paul’s seatmate had on a hot-pink sequined bra underneath her billowing, well-ventilated T-shirt. How did she KNOW? If we can’t get the number of her psychic, we’ll just follow her on a shopping trip and try to glean what the future holds by interpreting her purchases. Let’s hope she takes us to a wig store.

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Fug Girls Contemplate Telling Amanda Hearst That Her Hanger Strap Is Exposed