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Fug Girls: Diesel Is Just One Big Make-Out Session

Daisy Lowe and Mark Ronson keep their hands to themselves at Diesel.

Something about Diesel inspires heavy petting. Two seasons ago we saw Demi Moore at the show getting handsy with Ashton Kutcher; this time, Daisy Lowe and a very dapper Mark Ronson clasped hands and rubbed each other’s legs affectionately. Right behind them, former tennis ace Boris Becker had his left arm wrapped tightly around a hat-clad and very tan blonde, running his fingers up and down her bare arm as he sang along to a cover of Prince’s “When Doves Cry.” Whatever the orgiastic mojo is, someone should bottle it and get it on the shelves at Duane Reade — especially if it comes with a complimentary athlete.

Two seats away, Petra Nemcova had stepped up her attempts to get noticed, eschewing the terrible bowler hat and wearing a cut-to-there dress from which her cleavage positively erupted. Mission accomplished; it was hard to look away. Nemcova talked animatedly with Juliette Lewis, one of our favorite fashion kooks, whose two-tone hair was thrown into a slightly messy side knob. Her bangs evoke Chace Crawford’s, only without quite so much careful landscaping — we’re not sure which of them should be more upset by that. Sadly, otherwise, Lewis looked disappointingly normal — no spandex catsuit, no headbands, no unsightly sweat stains. It’s like she wasn’t quite herself. What if she has amnesia? Where would we find our bliss then? Fortunately, what came down the runway should be a healing tonic — if anyone out there is going to buy top hats with feather explosions that look like a deranged raven decided to take its own life, it’s that girl. She’s probably ordering two right now.

View a slideshow of the Diesel show.

Fug Girls: Diesel Is Just One Big Make-Out Session