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Fug Girls: Does Vera Wang Induce Labor?

Venus Williams and André Leon Talley at Vera Wang.

Don’t be surprised if Alexis Bryan Morgan has her baby, like, at Calvin Klein this afternoon. She spent most of Vera Wang’s show rubbing her belly, taking deep breaths, and looking generally uncomfortable. At one point, she gave the “so-so” hand gesture to her seatmate, and we can’t imagine she was talking about the clothes. So we’d like to be the first to say mazel tov, Alexis!

Looking less like she was about to go into labor was the omnipresent Elizabeth Banks. She’s like the new Sophia Bush. We don’t think there’s been a show she hasn’t been to, which explains why she looks a bit more tired than she did at the beginning of the week. Also spotted: Tinsley Mortimer, looking downright edgy (you know, for her); Nina Garcia accompanied by the crew for Marie Claire’s new reality show, complete with a dude toting a giant boom mike; and the always chic Venus Williams, who had a long chat with Anna Wintour and Patrick Demarchelier before settling into her usual seat next to ALT (who was sporting his Obama button again this morning). Arranging a Vogue photo shoot for the Williams sisters, perhaps? Time will tell.

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Fug Girls: Does Vera Wang Induce Labor?