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Fug Girls: Kelly Osbourne, Dog Sitter

In the last few days, we’ve witnessed the transformation of Petra Nemcova. From her be-hatted, banged appearance at DKNY, where no one recognized her; to Diesel, where she lost the hat and took out her boobs and was slightly more identifiable; to this morning at Matthew Williamson, where she actually slicked back her bangs. Her pretty face unobscured, the photogs finally went as wild for her as if it were her first appearance. Expect someone to be making an appointment for bang extensions sometime this afternoon.

Kelly Osbourne joined the fray to support her fellow Brit. For someone who gets constant flack about her size, Kelly is super petite in person, but in a healthy way. So dial it down, haters, before she gets a complex. She chatted intermittently with Joy Bryant and a bored-looking Leigh Lezark, who came in toting a giant Starbucks cup. We feel you, dude.

Daisy Lowe sat on K.Osb’s other side, again toting the small, fluffy white dog she brought to Alexander Wang. At first, we were like, “Okay, seriously, what kind of ass brings a dog to a fashion show?” But then we noticed that the dog was watching the show, following the models with his head and panting happily. By the end, we could no longer resist its cuteness. Besides, anyone who brings a dog to the show raises the possibility of it leaping onto the runway to chase the models and, as fans of amusing fashion chaos, we approve. In fact, by the end of the show — even after Kelly DID have to help keep the exuberant little guy from leaping onto the runway — we were pretty much cooing and plotting how to gank him and take him home with us.

The final boldfaced name to show was Julia Stiles, who was potentially the last person we expected. “She’s … KINDA pretty,” we overheard one reporter sniff to another. Regardless of what they thought, Petra Nemcova was totally enamored. The model and the Ten Things I Hate About You star gabbed animatedly, and at one point looked as though they were exchanging numbers. A Fashion Week love match! It never would have happened if Petra had held on to that hat.

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Fug Girls: Kelly Osbourne, Dog Sitter