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Fug Girls: Danes Emerges, Alba Spaces, Margulies Glows at Narciso

Another day, another celebrity pulled out of our theoretical (and we hope, someday actual) magic turbans: As we filed into the Narciso Rodriguez show and speculated wildly on who might attend, we turned to each other and said, “Remember that time Claire Danes showed up? I wonder if she’ll ever come back.” Naturally, not five minutes later, Ms. Danes sauntered in from backstage wearing a bright red-orange dress and her blonde locks hanging across her cheek and eye. Maybe hair curtains are totally spring ‘09, because right behind Claire, Jessica Alba trotted out with a similar chunk of her mane blocking the right half of her face like she was the Phantom of Fashion Week, only her mask was made out of amino-acid strands and shine spray. If a caped stranger spirited fellow attendee Anna Wintour away to a warehouse basement and makes her learn to weave, or something, we have an idea where to point the finger.

Alba wore thick black tights — surprising even though Tuesday, thanks to the rain, ended much cooler than it began — and a pink satin dress that showed she’s bouncing back from pregnancy nicely. Let’s hope she stops any post-baby dieting right here, because if she loses any more dress sizes, she’ll just be a wig on a stick. Alba also seemed a little spacey, flashing a bright smile on cue for the cameras and then shutting it off as soon as the interview ended. Well, except for when she trotted toward the Vogue contingent, where she seemed to be glad-handing a certain bobbed individual. Angling for a cover, perhaps? Good luck. Eventually Alba took her seat in a front row that also included Jessica Seinfeld — sans Jerry, which made our hearts cry — and, way down, a slickly coiffed Debi Mazar, who we hope didn’t feel left out a full bench away.

But the most radiant occupant of the choice seats was easily Julianna Margulies, who just gets better with age and thankfully isn’t doing crazy fountain-of-youth crap to her face. Toting her fatally delicious younger hubby, Margulies arrived early and smiled warmly from the second she stepped inside to the moment she went backstage afterward to congratulate her pal Rodriguez. “He makes clothes the way he lives: simple and elegant. And they always fit perfectly,” she told one reporter. “The last time I came to this show, I was five-and-a-half-months pregnant, and they still fit perfectly. When I got married, I was seven-and-a-half-months pregnant, and they still fit perfectly. He just knows what to do.” We would hate her if she hadn’t clarified that he’d custom-fit them just for her, including her wedding gown. When asked how that felt, Margulies gave a little shudder and rolled her eyes skyward. “Heaven!” she giggled. “He was drawing it on me, adding pieces … Watching him create was just amazing.” Sadly, we’ll have to take her word for it. Unless Narciso decides to work pro bono, in which case, the line forms to our left.

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Fug Girls: Danes Emerges, Alba Spaces, Margulies Glows at Narciso