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Fug Girls: A Big, Happy Celeb Family at Nicole Miller

Whenever we see several actresses smashed next to each other and forced to socialize, we cross our fingers for a little subtle catfighting or, at the very least, a cold shoulder or two. But the star-packed Nicole Miller show tonight felt more like a slumber party than a showdown, and it was the biggest celebrity turnout we saw all day — apparently a little extra time to snooze can do wonders for your attendance record AND your mood.

Actress Melissa George chatted up fellow Aussie Sarah Wytner like they’d known each other all their lives — which, to be fair, is possible — and side by side, they were polar opposites: Wynter wore almost no makeup at all, while George dripped with heavy eye shadow and aggressive purple lipstick that matched her satin dress. She was one hip flask and a spiked punch bowl away from being queen of the goth prom. But she beamed her way down the line of women, next embracing Leonor Varela as enthusiastically as if Varela had just promised to give her a kidney. Although George may also have been congratulating Leonor on successfully changing out of the dress she wore to BCBG this morning, which was so dangerously boob-tacular that we actually wished for technology that could pixellate our vision. Although maybe in ten years, nature will take care of that for us.

Jill Hennessey (looking great) seemed delighted to be out of the house, greeting photographers by name and with happy hugs; meanwhile Prison Break’s Camille Guaty seemed kind of overwhelmed until Valera leaned over, introduced herself, and promptly started gabbing. Interestingly, though Guaty is dating Entourage’s Kevin Connolly, she didn’t appear to know or talk to his co-star Perrey Reeves — who came early enough to catch one of us looking right at her and announcing to the other, “There’s Perrey Reeves. She’s all alone.” We didn’t mean, like, emotionally, Perrey. We just meant you weren’t dragging some PR girl along by her ear. It’s probably a good thing we decided against then going up to her to ask how she feels about ex-boyfriend David Duchovny’s alleged sex addiction.

Across the way, we spotted Finola Hughes, model Maggie Rizer, Project Runway’s Jack Mackenroth and Kevin Christiana (whom we saw smiling on a zealous fan’s camera as she eagerly showed the photo to a friend), Candace Bushnell talking to Karen Duffy, and a very pretty, still-looks-15 Isabella Miko. We couldn’t help but wonder if they felt a bit left out of all the fun girl talk going on opposite them. Especially if they were swapping any salacious Duchovny stories. Come on, Perrey, the truth is out there; just help it along a little.

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Fug Girls: A Big, Happy Celeb Family at Nicole Miller